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AERA Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis SIG UPCOMING EVENTS

This series features experts in the methodology and application of systematic review and meta-analysis, presenting new research and discussing critical issues for our field. All of the talks are on Fridays (usually the 3rd Friday of the month, with the exception of our first talk) at 9 am Pacific / 10 am Mountain / 11 am Central / 12 noon Eastern. Here’s a quick summary of the schedule for the coming academic year:

9/30/2022Mariola MoeyaertUsage of Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis to Synthesize Single-Case Research Data
10/21/2022Carole LunnyAdvances in Methods for Overviews of Reviews
11/18/2022Diego CamposSynthesizing Individual Participant Data Obtained From Complex Sampling Surveys: A Two-Stage IPD Meta-Analysis Approach
12/16/2022Amy RiegelmanComprehensive and Transparently Reported Search Strategies
1/20/2023G.J. Melendez-TorresYour New Best Friend, Heterogeneity: Diverse Evidence Types and Diverse Methods to Address Explanatory Questions in Systematic Reviews
2/17/2023Jamaal YoungMeta-Analytic QuantCrit: Exploring the Possibilities
3/17/2023To Be DeterminedTo Be Determined
5/19/2023Josh PolaninMetaReviewer: A Free, Collaborative, Browser-Based Tool for Conducting Data Extraction

If you are interested in joining, please use the following link to register yourself in advance: