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New direction of ResearchIC

ResearchIC.com┬áhas been renovated as a site. The home page becomes a blog that shares different categories of articles for researchers. Two more sites are added to the home page: ResearchIC courses, and ResearchIC portal. You can find the two sites’ links on the top right corner of the home page. The courses site will allow users to take free or paid courses on research literacy. The portal site will allow users to create their own pages, create groups, socialize and share stuff. If you want to build new courses, please feel free to contact me. I will create the course space for you, and you will be assigned as a teacher there to build content and activities inside the space. Users will not have accounts on the home page anymore. Instead, they can create accounts on the Courses site (which is based on Moodle), or sign in directly using their Google account. After that, they can jump to the Portal site and will be automatically logged in as a new user without the need for account creation on the Portal site. The home page becomes a blog, the courses site becomes a course management system, and the Portal site becomes an online community of practices.

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